10 Things Trade Customers Should Know About Packaging Recliner Sofas from China

When ordering recliner sofas from China, proper packaging is essential to minimize damage during transportation. It is important to ensure at least 250 lbs of packaging is used and all metal components are covered with thick polystyrene. Additionally, consider branding the packaging with company information, type of sofa, material, dimensions, regulations complied with, and batch numbers. Finally, it is important to work with a professional packaging company and train staff on how to properly handle the sofas during loading and unloading.

When buying recliner sofas from China as a trade customer, it’s crucial to understand the importance of proper packaging to ensure minimal damage during transportation. Here are 10 things to keep in mind:

  1. Quality Testing Challenges: Sofas can be damaged after quality testing at the factory and whilst being picked and loaded into containers.
  2. Shipping Hazards: Temperature and Water Damage: Shipping can expose the sofas to extreme temperatures and damage the leather and incur potential water leak damage.
  3. Critical Unloading Process: Careful wedging is required during the unloading of the container to prevent damage.
  4. Handling Risks: Dropping and Bumping: Dropping or bumping the sofas during unloading, picking, loading again and unloading at the final destination can cause damage.
  5. Packaging Protocols for Protection: Proper packaging is essential to minimise damage. A minimum of 250 lbs of packaging and strengthened corners is recommended.
  6. Strategic Branding on Packaging Think carefully about the branding data you want to be printed on the packaging. Consider including your company name, or your client’s company name, contact details, barcode for stock taking, type of sofa, material, dimensions, regulations complied with, which piece it is of how many pieces, and what batch number it is so you can match the sofa with others.
  7. Polythene Wrapping and Metal Component Safeguard: The whole sofa should be wrapped with polythene sheets and all metal components should be covered with thick polystyrene to prevent indentations and scratches on the materials.

To ensure maximum protection for your recliner sofas during transportation or loading and unloading, it is important to work with a professional packaging company that has experience with international shipping and can help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs.

It is also crucial for all parties in the supply chain to adequately train their staff on the impact of dropping and forcing the sofas during loading and unloading, so they understand the consequences of applying force, applying pressure or being slightly careless.

By keeping these things in mind, trade customers can ensure that their recliner sofas arrive at their final destination in the best possible condition.


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