Ordering Recliner Sofas from China: A Step-by-Step Guide for Trade Clients

The article provides a step-by-step guide for ordering recliner sofas from China to sell in another country. It covers the important steps involved in the process such as choosing the model, quantity, variations, placing the order, paying a deposit, ordering materials, scheduling factory time, booking shipping freight, quality check and booking haulage to the port. It also emphasizes the importance of market research, conducting proper planning and having good relations with a shipping company to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

The process of ordering recliner sofas from China can seem daunting at first, but with the right knowledge and planning, it can be a smooth and successful endeavour. In this article, we will break down the steps involved in ordering recliner sofas from China to sell in your country.

Step 1: Choose the Model

The first step in ordering recliner sofas from China is to choose the model you want to sell. It’s important to conduct market research on the dimensions, colours, materials, and features that are likely to attract buyers and outcompete your competitors. Try to focus on the specific features that will make your recliner sofas stand out in the market.

Step 2: Choose the Quantity

Once you’ve chosen the model, you’ll need to decide on the quantity you want to order. If you’re testing a range of recliner sofas, it’s best to start with a smaller quantity such as a 20ft container. If you’re confident that the recliner sofas will be a ‘best-seller’, you can order a larger quantity such as a 40ft HQ container.

Step 3: Choose the Variations

When choosing the variations of recliner sofas you want to sell, you’ll need to evaluate what your customers are most likely to buy, so you are not stuck with leftover sets which are harder to sell. For example, 3-seater recliner sofas are usually in much bigger demand than 2-seater recliner sofas. If you buy 3 & 2 seater recliner sofa packages and sell them as 3-seater recliner sofas, you will have a leftover of 2-seater recliner sofas. YOU may wish to either sell them as sets or order fewer 2-seater recliner sofas to ensure you are always selling your sofas at the best prices and the right volumes.

Please note that you can add more than 2 variations to each container.

Step 4: Place the Order

To ensure that your recliner sofas are ready to be delivered when you need them, it’s important to place your order at least 3-3.5 months before you want to receive the delivery. This is because our factory also has limited space and we have many orders from customers all over the world. Therefore, we need to have the stock of your components, materials, and packaging with the brand name that you need, in order to ensure a smooth transaction.

Step 5: Pay the Deposit

When you place your order, we will confirm your order and you’ll need to pay a 20% deposit. This deposit is necessary for security from cancellations and losses we will incur from custom ordering your materials, scheduling your production time and then losing other client orders due to the factory manufacturing capacity being booked for you.

Step 6: Order Materials

Once your order is confirmed, we will order the raw materials based on your specific needs. Depending on your order, the foam, coils, springs, or electrical components may be different, so we order materials from our suppliers specifically for your needs. This is why you cannot cancel or change your order after it has been placed.

Step 7: Schedule Factory Time

We will receive the raw materials for your recliner sofas from our suppliers within 4 weeks, and we will group our team and discuss your needs and specific requirements. We will then schedule factory time to be ready to build your order. Your order is then built, and we can produce around 1-2 containers of recliner sofas per day.

Step 8: Book Shipping Freight

At this stage, you must book the shipping of your recliner sofas with your freight company, or, we can help you to do this. However, it’s recommended that you have your own shipping company and have good relations with them to get the cheapest ‘contract rates’ for regular shipping.

Step 9: Quality Check

After your recliner sofas are built, they are aligned 1 by 1 to be checked by our quality inspection team. After successfully passing the quality checks and tests, they are packed and stored in the loading area.

Step 10: Book Haulage to the Port

We will book haulage to the port to ensure that your sofas are collected on time to be loaded onto the shipping boat. If the recliner sofas are held at our end, it can cause delays in our production schedule and disrupt the entire supply chain process as will not have space to store the next order we are producing.

Step 11: Port Check and Shipping

Once your recliner sofas leave for the port, they will undergo customs checks before being loaded onto the ship. The shipping time from China to various countries can vary, but it typically takes 2-5 weeks depending on your location. Some examples of shipping times include:

  • UK and Europe: 3-4 weeks
  • Morocco: 3-4 weeks
  • Australia: 3-4 weeks
  • Saudi Arabia and Dubai: 2-3 weeks
  • South America: 4-5 weeks

Step 12: Unloading and Delivery

When the ship arrives in your country, the recliner sofas will be unloaded and loaded onto your haulage company’s trucks for delivery to you. It’s important that the haulage company is active and ready to collect the recliner sofas on time, to avoid any port charges, penalties, or fines. The haulage company will then deliver the recliner sofas to you.

Step 13: Selling your Recliner Sofas

The entire process can take between 2.5 and 3.5 months, so it’s important to advise your clients accurately if you’re pre-selling recliner sofas. We suggest you anticipate the delivery time as carefully as possible and always add 2 weeks for potential delays.

In conclusion, ordering recliner sofas from China can be a complex process, but with proper planning and knowledge of the steps involved, it can be a successful venture. With careful management of the supply chain, you can ensure that your sofas are delivered on time and to your customer’s satisfaction.

If you are our client, we will always be here to help you and help grow your business, which is in our mutual interest. Contact us if you need help or assistance ordering Recliner Sofas.


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