Questions To Ask Your Potential Buyers

7 questions from your sofa supplier to find out your customers needs and budget

When you want to make a sale it is important to build a rapport with your prospective buyer so that they feel comfortable, able to ask questions, and build trust in your ability to guide them correctly. As your sofa suppliers and wholesale providers, we have put together seven top questions for you to adapt to your own style, which will allow you to do this with ease.

As we are trusted sofa wholesale traders and suppliers we have experience of selling to stores like yourselves. We have also gained incredible knowledge about the sofa supplying industry and we would like to share our success with you.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty though we want you to know that we understand your market. Whether you are a store where the buyers come to you or a work-from-home seller who manages their business through social media. Our questions are suitable for all sale pitches and we are here to support you in any way that we can.

Making your first sale is a great achievement and the adrenaline buzz can be overwhelming. Can you imagine what it will feel like when you make your 100th or 1000th sale? This is easily achieved when you have the right persona. This persona can be created, improved, or perfected by asking the right questions.

7 questions from your sofa supplier to find out your customers needs and budget

When you are asking your questions it is important to make sure that they are open-ended so that the customer has to think about the answer instead of giving generic one-word answers that lead to nothing. These questions include the who, what, where, when, why, and how that was drilled into you at school. 

Once you have got them hooked into the conversation you will be able to gauge what their needs are, learn about what they do and do not like, what puts them off and minimise the risk of them going elsewhere. As your sofa suppliers, wholesale prices and over 30 modern designs allow you to be confident that once you have found out what they want, you can find a set to match. Our current collection can be found here.

OK, so we know why we are asking the questions, but what are they?

What has brought you in today?

This is a question that will have a simple answer; they are looking at sofas of course. It is however a question that leads to a conversation as it allows you to go deeper and leads on to more questions. Your customer has told you that they need or want a new sofa. Why do they want a new one? What is it about their current furniture that makes it unsuitable? Maybe their family has expanded, they have redecorated, moved. Maybe their sofa was a purchase that they made twenty years ago and it is starting to show its age. The more information that you can get from this conversation the better.

How old are your children? When did you move?

These questions are the get to know you better ones. They are the questions that you can use to find something that you identify with and can recognise a commonality. Tell them a little about yourself too. This two-way exchange of similarities helps to build a connection. A link that you want if you are going to make that sale. 

7 questions from your sofa supplier to find out your customers needs and budget

If you can relate to their needs then you will have an idea of what they are looking for. What stock did you buy from your sofa supplier at wholesale? Was it one of these collections ? Which one is suitable for children to climb over? Which is small enough to fit in a flat that is short of space? Which would you choose if you were in their position?

What qualities are important to you?

When you go looking for a new sofa you have certain things in mind. Are you looking for a certain colour so that it matches the décor? Are you looking for a certain number of seats that are laid out in a corner group or are you keeping the three-piece suite tradition? Our collection has a variety of all of these options.

What are your thoughts on the price of this?

This is a question that allows you to find out their budget without asking them directly. As your sofa supplier, wholesale prices will give you room for manoeuvre. Our collection consists of a full range of sofas. We can provide budget, medium, or higher range while maintaining premium quality. 

With our low minimum order quantity, you could have the full collection in your store ready and waiting for your customer. As we have bought in bulk we can provide you with the lowest possible prices. This is a bonus that you can pass onto your consumer.

What do you feel when you look at this one?

Ideally, they will answer that they want to sit on it, that it is enticing and just what they want. After the questions that have already been asked and the conversations that you have had while asking them you should know exactly what they want and be able to point them to the set that will knock their socks off. 

7 questions from your sofa supplier to find out your customers needs and budget

If you know that you do not have something in your store that will suit their needs at that time then you can jump online, check our stock, order online, and guarantee your buyer’s sofa with a few simple clicks. Our complete range of imported stock is available for immediate delivery and our range of UK stock is available within 10 days.

If your customer has very specific requirements and neither you nor we have it in stock then we can design your sofas at competitive prices and ensure that the design is exclusive to you. As your sofa supplier, the wholesale stock is usually available to follow the latest UK trends.

Do you have any concerns?

If your customer is not sure or they appear to be holding back on something then you need to find out what their concerns are. Is it the price? You have made so many savings due to us importing the stock and buying in bulk that you could probably lower your charges and haggle a little. 

The color? We can customize your wholesale sofas with no additional fees. Worries about quality and safety? Buying your stock  from this sofa supplier at wholesale prices will allow you to download the UKFR certificates from our website at your convenience. With our 100% buyer protection, you can be sure that our collection is of premium quality.

When can you take delivery?

In the majority of situations, consumers want their purchase as soon as possible. This allows them to know that they have achieved something with their money. Have you seen a customer’s face when you have been through the conversations, agreed on a design, and completed all of the paperwork? It is happy and excited, pleased that they have made this decision. Then you add in at the last minute that there is a 20 week lead time. There is an obvious drop in the customer’s face and although you have made a sale, you know that you have just dampened it for them.

Further to this, consumers have 14 days to change their minds. If they walk out of your store feeling deflated that they have a long wait then they may decide to have a quick look in the next sofa store. All of your hard work has just been undone because that store got their stock from us and can deliver within ten days.

sofa hq When can you take delivery

As we are your sofa supplier, wholesale stock has already been checked, reserved, and is ready for you to collect. We have already agreed with you whether you are stocking your sofas in your warehouse or our depot. 

As we are the importers and your requirements are already here in the UK, there are no lead times for shipping and haulage. They are ready for you to collect at your leisure or as we operate our own fleet of vans, we can ensure the quickest deliveries. All UK sofas are available within 10 days. There is no need to worry about fluctuating prices either as incomparable rates have already been agreed upon.

As you can see, the art of sales requires an affiliation with your customer. Buying your stock from this sofa supplier at wholesale prices allows you to create that connection quickly and honestly.

To make these questions work for you and your team you must know the ins and outs of everything sofa-related. That is why we have an excellent IT service and 24/7 support. If you are met with any questions that you cannot answer, we are there for you. Which collection would you like to order? 


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