The Difference Between Settee Couch and Sofa

sofa wholesalers explanation of settee and couch definitions

Have you ever been asked by your customer what couches you have in stock? As a sofa stockist, why would you be selling a couch? What about a settee? As sofa wholesalers, we follow the trends and only stock the latest and most popular models so we can answer that question for you. Our collections can be found here .

What is the Sofa?

sofa wholesalers explanation of settee and couch definitions

Originating in Turkey the word sofa comes from the Arabic word ‘Soffa’ or ‘Soffah’. In direct translation, this means long bench. These pieces of furniture are what your sofa wholesaler would refer to as a part of the floor that has been raised by one or two feet. This platform is covered with carpets, cushions, and other comfortable materials. 

It was not until the 1600’s that an English cleric coined the spelling ‘sofa’ while on his travels. As this new addition to the home became more popular in England and sofa wholesalers began to emerge, the ‘sofa’ spelling became the norm and it was entered into a common language. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a sofa is a long stuffed seat with a back and ends or end, used for reclining’.

At the time of this influx of new, comfortable seating, furniture was still considered to be a luxury and was only available to the wealthiest and most cultured of society. The sofa was not owned by the poor. Instead, the working class made do with basic stools or benches until the 19th century. 

As your sofa wholesaler, we understand that having a comfortable place to sit and relax is a priority after a long day at work; not a luxury. It is therefore of high importance to us to make the art of furniture ownership available to all. That is why we have a large stock ranging from budget to high end. We can even arrange exclusive custom-made sofas. Social status no longer needs to decide how comfortable you are. You can see our collections here .


sofa hq sofa wholesalers explanation of settee and couch definitions

How can a couch be any different from a sofa you ask; let the sofa wholesaler fill you in. A couch is quite simply any structure that has been covered in soft material. The dictionary defines it as either a sofa or a ‘sofa on which a patient lies while undergoing psychoanalysis or psychiatric treatment’.

In its original form, the couch was meant to be slept on. We may talk about lying on the couch at the psychiatrist’s office while we let go of our worries in a relaxed yet formal atmosphere. 

We may think about chilling on the couch as we read a book, not quite laying down but not sat up either. Surrounded by sturdy cushions and soft material. As sofa wholesalers, we know that leather too can be just as comfortable for a couch. You can take a look at these collections here.

Many people in the UK will avoid using the word couch to describe their furniture because it creates images of the shrink. Despite this meaning, however, very few may know that there is a physical difference between a couch and a sofa. 

A prime example is that a couch only has half of a back, maybe even no back at all. Scatter back sofas are therefore quite close to the traditional couch. With its half-height back and plump cushions used to ensure snugness your sofa wholesalers collection can be found here.


sofa hq sofa wholesalers explanation of settee and couch definitions

Okay, so we now know what a sofa, a couch, and a chaise lounge are. Sofa wholesalers know that there is also the settee. Now the settee is very similar to the sofa, it has a full back too, unlike the couch. 

Evolving from the middle ages the settee was made of solid wood, usually oak or walnut. When asking a sofa wholesaler, they know that a settee is a bench that has a soft seat. 

Often the seat coverings match the traditional styles of the 17th and 18th centuries. They frequently come in the style of a fine tapestry that has been chosen specifically for that piece of furniture. Whether it is fully or partially covered in this delicate fabric, the solid wooden frame will always remain visible. Renowned for busy patterns that become outdated quickly in today’s world a settee is no longer as common as it once was. 

A modern take on this is the more modern settee which is called the love seat. Love seats are becoming more popular and your sofa wholesalers can provide a modern twist. Check out the collection.

Chaise end sofa

sofa hq Chaise end sofa wholesalers explanation of settee and couch definitions

Just to confuse everything the trend now is the chaise end sofa. This term has come to mean anything that allows your customer to put their feet up comfortably. Generally with an elongated end that is of ideal leg length.

These sofas are nothing less than traditional elegance within a modern and comfortable design. By way of the different seating options, allowing them to fit into small or large spaces they have become a go-to for many consumers. The possibilities appear to be endless and new designs are entering the market regularly. 

Where it was once common practice to push the matching footstool up against the sofa, the chaise end sofa comes complete with it attached.  The buyers of today want it all in one and this sofa wholesaler is ready to match that demand with our trendy collection.

So what do we do?

With the variety of available styles; settee; couch; chaise lounge; you may ask why we are sofa wholesalers rather than seating importers. Well, let me attempt to answer this for you.

In a time when customers desire modern ways of living, consumers are not only searching for a style that will suit their décor, they are searching for something cosy and comfortable after a long day at work. 

They do not want to sit on bench-style settees where they are unable to rest their weary head. Can you imagine trying to relax on that? 

The couch is a word that the Americans have adopted and some of the UK will occasionally use this word but it is rarely used in reality because of the stigma attached to the label. Inviting someone over to lay on your couch just does not have the same appeal as a cupper on the sofa. The owner wants to chat equally with their friends, not lay back and be analysed.

The UK wants comfy, they want something that is stuffed with material until it is indulgently soft and they can fall into it. Where they can recline with their eyes closed, sit with a book or snuggle up to watch a movie on family night. They crave an adaptable piece of furniture that is suitable for their mood and activity at any time of the day and night. 

Customers want what is versatile and trendy and we know that you want to give them what they are yearning for. 

That is why we are sofa wholesalers, a sofa provides everything that anyone could ask for. If you want that modern, easy to clean look and feel then we will be leather sofa wholesalers too. Have you seen our leather collection?.

We are sofa wholesalers where all of your needs are in one place. Whether you want the UK-made, Turkey made or China-made sofas, we have them. If you want one, two, three, or four-seaters your sofa wholesalers have all of them. And they are available to you within 10 days! Yes, 10 days! 

Say goodbye to the 20 week lead time, say goodbye to the long shipping waits and high costs. As we buy in bulk we can pass our savings onto our customers and you can continue to pass them on to yours. With our 24-hour support package, you can subscribe, log in, check stock and prices before ordering with just a few clicks. You will never need to worry about having the best range of sofas again.


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