Turkish, Chinese and UK furniture explained

Turkish, Chinese and UK furniture explained by your sofa trader

As Yorkshire’s leading sofa and bed traders’ platform online, our complete range of imported stock is available for immediate delivery. With UK-made sofas – Turkey-made sofas and sofas that have been made in China, we can fulfil all of your seating needs in one place.

If you cannot decide which country could provide the manufacturers who are most suitable for your stock then we are here to explain the history for you. After all, we are your one-stop shop: importers, distributors, and wholesalers, which means high quality, low prices, and low minimum order quantity. Why not take a look at our collection.

Turkish made sofas

Turkish furniture has a long history of ornate styles which represented the Ottoman lifestyle. Although Turkish manufacturers have moved away from that style in recent year, the lavish designs continue and they have been modernised into a more minimal approach. Regardless of the modernisation, Turkish furniture it is still known for the elegance that it brings to all of their products.

The classic models come upholstered in rich fabrics, with plain or patterned designs and the finishes are simply supreme. As sofa traders, Recliner Sofas Factory knows what to look for when ordering your stock and durability is of utmost importance.

As natural wood and natural fabrics dominate the making of Turkish sofas, many are hand-made and created completely from wood instead of materials, such as plastic, that weaken over time. If you take a look at our collection you will be able to see that Turkey provides amazing quality and endurance along with stylistic brilliance.

This sofa trader knows that Turkey is known for its rich designs of colourful, distinguishing products. As importers, we can be counted on to source the best of the best and cut out the middle man for you.

Having already imported your future stock, we have, by this time, ensured quality, UKFR certificates and now your stock is waiting for you at our headquarters.

Turkish furniture is being exported globally where it sits in homes, offices, and hotels around the world. You may have sat on one and admired the build and design, without knowing that it was imported from one of their famous brands. Dogtas, Istikbal, Bellona and Kilim being just a few of these trademarks.

The designs that Turkey produces are so versatile that the same sofa is often presented in 300 different fabric and 35 wood options. All with their own audience yet with the same quality structure.

Amongst everything that comes from Turkey, a majestic touch completes their furniture and as sofa traders, we work hard to ensure that we can supply to England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Belgium, and France.

In most countries, whether the United States of America or most of Europe, the Turkish majestic touch is taking root. If you do not want to miss out then take a look at the collection.

Our collection of Turkish sofas are ready to occupy your showroom, your website, or your social media pages so you will never have to worry about having the best stock. On top of this, our complete range of UK stock is available for delivery within only 10 days.

Chinese made

The timeless quality and craftsmanship of fine oriental furniture are only built from the highest quality materials and every sofa is built to last. This allows sofa traders to happily provide a 12-month manufacturing warranty on all of their stock.

Chinese furniture is engineered by way of wood connections that leave no trace and the joints are so perfect that it is hard to believe that they have been made by more than one piece of wood, rather than carved out of one large portion. These intersections are cut so cleanly that uniquely to china, the use of nails, screws, and glue is unnecessary.

The elegance of style and the beauty of lines that dominates Chinese furniture has led to them being the largest furniture exporters in the world and the designers are queuing up to access their manufacturing.

As sofa traders, we can notify you of imported stock directly to your inbox or WhatsApp number as soon as it arrives. Allowing you to get this distinguished furniture stocked in your store straight away. With our best-price guarantee, there is no need to be ripped off by sofa importers anymore.

The artistic symbolism of Chinese furniture follows the traditional impact of their culture. With pleasing aesthetics and auspicious decorative patterns contributing to the modern styles, they reflect their people’s desires for wealth, peace, harmony, and rights. No other manufacturer could create so much character and have as much of a story behind it.

If you have attempted to bring this fantastic, mind-capturing stock into your store but have been met with the uncertainty of importing, shipping, haulage, and fluctuating prices then this is where we come in.

This sofa trader has already brought the stock to the UK and removed the stress for you. If we have ordered a container exclusively for you, with your designs, branding and customised requirements then do not forget that our imported stock can be tracked with ease on our website. What are you waiting for? Check out our Chinese sofa collection now.

UK made

As our headquarters are in the UK and you are the main customers, we always have a full range of UK-made sofas available too. We follow the latest trends and only stock the latest and most popular models so we will help to keep you ahead of the market.

With Boris Johnson’s pledge to cut emissions in the UK by 78% before 2035 UK manufacturers are working hard to ensure environmental sustainability and making sure that they are more environmentally friendly. This makes the UK-made sofas ideal for any sustainability-conscious customers.

As sofa traders, we know that your customers are looking for purchases that are ethically sourced. Every person who is involved in the making of your stock has been paid at least minimum wage and can take advantage of higher standards of work conditions than many countries in the world.

By buying your UK-made stock from Recliner Sofas Factory you will be helping to keep British residents in jobs and much-needed skills alive. Further to this, the costs are cheaper than importing as no longer have to worry about international haulage and taxes.

Our UK-manufactured sofas are available for delivery within ten days and we have a full range, allowing us to meet your needs for budget, medium, and higher range stock.

The British furniture industry is also diverse, allowing your customers to decide on anything from traditional styles and designs to modern, comfy, and cosy couches.

Within the UK, furniture factories are often owned by families who have had generations of experience. They can guarantee that they know what quality British sofas look like. With decades of experience in craftsmanship, they can provide both signature and bespoke sofas that your customers can enjoy for many years.

Of course, buying from the UK, for the UK also allows direct observation of what people are buying and what designs are coming into fashion first hand. As your sofa trader, we pride ourselves on being up to date and only stocking sofas that will be wanted and desired by your consumers.

So why buy from The Recliner Sofas Factory ?

The Recliner Sofas Factory is a sofa trader that is knowledgeable and informed about the process of furniture from the start of the chain until they are happily situated in your consumer’s home. We offer 24/7 support so that we can answer your questions and take your orders when you need us to.

Not only are all of our imported sofas bagged and boxed to ensure quality on arrival in your showroom; we worry about the quality, the trends, the compliance, and the costs so that you get to focus on hassle-free sales.

We also have amazing offers that no other sofa trader could match, and if they do, we have a price match promise. One of these offers is that if you order more than twenty sets from us, we will give you a 10% discount. If you have a larger order and order forty sets, we will offer you a 20% discount. In this way, not only are you saving on import costs, getting low wholesale prices, and low MOQ but also an extra saving of up to 20%.

As sofa traders, we like to work with new and established dealers so even if you do not have room for the stock that you have ordered, you can pick up a handful of sets at a time. We can even provide professional pictures for your digital platforms, edit them and add watermarks of your brand. In this way, you can even sell from home.

We are so confident that you will be happy with Recliner Sofas Factory’s service that if we ever let you down on reserved stock, we will give you £250 each time. What are you waiting for?


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